21 Ways to tell someone you care other than, ‘You should lose weight’

I hope the following is self explanatory itself. Please find 21 ways to apply when you actually care for someone and repeat after me:

‘My body is my business

Their body is their business.

None of my business’ – Race 4

1. While talking, ask about well-being of parents and family
2. Remember their birthday
3. Ask them about how they ‘feel’ about something
4. Buy them a meal
5. Sign for a petition or donate to a cause they care about
6. Remember details they shared about preferences
7. Listen intently to them
8. Don’t speak ill of them behind their back
9. If someone else does that, stop them politely and avoid mentioning it again to anyone
10. Offer to drop them if you’re headed that way
11. Be empathetic to their problems and avoid giving sympathy. It makes one feel weak and not brave
12. Don’t mention the pimple that you just saw on them
13. Compliment their style and not looks. Looks are from Allah. Style is a choice.
14. Encourage to take new challenges and make them believe that you won’t judge if they fail
15. Return a call within 48 hours
16. Don’t correct their religion
17. Share due pictures
18. Give them honest opinion but in privacy
19. Buy their product or service at least once in your life and give them honest feedback to help them grow
20. In conversation, offer subjects to talk about that they are comfortable to talk about
21. Tell them you love them, they need to hear it

Picture by: Faiza Iqtidar

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