About Me

Tanzila is a story of struggle but with a happy ending. She is a wheelchair user since birth but her job is to convert problem to opportunity not just for herself but for you too!

She wrote her first book, ‘A story of Mexico’ when she was 16 and then went on to publish her second book, ‘The Perfect Situation’

She has sold her books to fund community projects in the fields of disability, women empowerment, education and environment. Her company is Creative Alley that trains and empowers the community through events and projects.

Tanzila is a soft skills trainer for development and corporate sector and can take on any audience given to her. She is also an International Motivational Speaker and has spoken and worked on four continents. The Journey is on…..

She has World titles to her name as:

Women Deliver Young Leader

Accountrepreneur at Accountability Lab

Youth Champion’s Initiative Fellow

Young Connector of Future- Swedish Institute